How It Works

Step 1

Decide which our selection of Stud Dogs you would like to breed with your Dam.

How It Works - Breile Stud Dogs

Step 2

Know when your Dam is ready to breed. Your Vet will be able to carry out some simple tests to let you know where she is in her breeding cycle. This is known as progesterone testing. Your Vet will be able to determine the optimum time to have your Dam inseminated.

Step 3

Contact us to check for availability and pricing

Step 4

Fill out our online agreement and complete payment.

Step 5

We ship the Stud Dogs semen to your veterinary surgery or fertility clinic of your choice.

Step 6

Your Vet will carry out the insemination procedure on your Dam.

That's it!

A successful and healthy pregnancy for your Dam.

Want to know more?

Get in touch with any questions. We would be happy to let you know more.