Buying a Puppy from Breile Stud Dogs

Bringing a new puppy into your family is a big decision, there are lots of factors to consider, such as is the dog healthy? Has it been raised in the best possible environment? We like to think that at Breile, we can answer all of the questions that families have when they decide to buy  a pup from one of our litters.
A big thanks to our friend Shane who shared his family’s journey when buying a puppy from Breile at the end of 2022.
August 2022
It’s taken 20 years too get too this stage and too enter the thought of replacing our family pet Rua.  He was a pure bred Irish Setter, an absolute head turner and amazing companion.  That all said and having known John personally for 40 years and his genuine passion for animals, it made the decision to take that step a lot easier.  His knowledge and help throughout has been great and we can’t wait to visit again in the coming months to view the next litters and settle on our new family member a cocker spaniel pup from BREILE STUD DOGS!!!
Oct 2022
UPDATE:  In the last few weeks we have been getting some advice from John and the girls (Who, I might add are 2 chips of the block and totally infatuated with anything animal and especially dog related, definitely a 3 person team lol ). It’s just a lovely family setup and great energy about the place.  Anyway as a result of these meetings and chats we have made a decision that it’s definitely going too be a Cocker Spaniel Female from BREILE and we will be back to view the upcoming litter that’s due next month.
Nov 2022
UPDATE:  OMG we’re just back from Breile and blown away….they have the cutest litter of mixed coloured Cockers I’ve ever seen!  So much so we couldn’t decide between them all, though settled on a Black female who’s name is undecided…that’s the next decision lol
Dec 2022
Molly’s arrived and were delighted!!!!  Thank you to John and girls for all their help/advice too date and providing us with a beautiful healthy pup in ‘Molly’.
March 2023
Update:  Molly’s well settled in now and thriving thank God.  She’s not a bother (aside the potty training lol) and turning out too be the right head turner lol a wee dote!